Breaking Bad: The Board Game

Board Game Geek Rank 9375
Community vote 6.8
Playing time 120
Players 3 - 8
Min age 18
Production year 2017
Designer Antoine Morfan , Thomas Rofidal
Artist David Ardila
Language dependency Moderate text use
Game language   Italiano
Manual language   Italiano
Pendragon Game Studio
€39.90 incl tax
excluding shipping

Based on the critically-acclaimed TV series, Breaking Bad: The Board Game propels you into the treacherous underbelly of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Will you play as a member of one of the criminal factions (Heisenberg, Los Pollos Hermanos, or the Juarez Cartel), trying to amass a fortune by manufacturing the biggest stash of Blue Sky while eliminating your rivals? Or will you join the ranks of the Drug Enforcement Administration, ready to slap the cuffs on the lawbreakers who would dare peddle their poison in your city? In more detail, when playing a criminal faction, your goal is to produce Blue Sky, then sell the quantity needed to win before your opponents can. You can also win the game by taking out all of your opponents by using cards to bomb, shoot, or otherwise eliminate them. As the DEA agent, your goal is to seize the criminal factions' labs (by playing DEA Raid cards). You can also win the game by taking out all of your opponents, either by killing them or putting them in jail. In game terms, on their turn, a player takes two of the following actions: Draw a card. Play a card from their hand. Produce Blue Sky (dealer only). Sell 1 Blue Sky on their faction board (dealer only). Be the one who knocks.